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Looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a break from expensive dining out experiences?

Membership in Loch Lomond Yacht Club (LLYC) has many perks, whether it is a Single or Couple/Family Membership.

Enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Discounted rates on rental of the Clubhouse for private events.

  • Full Key-Club access to the Club (except when being used for private events).

  • Bring guest(s)*.

  • Free launching from Safe Harbor Loch Lomond launch ramp.

  • Reciprocal privileges to many other yacht clubs.

  • Connect with old friends and make new ones while volunteering for the many areas available. LLYC is an all volunteer club.


The difference between Membership tiers is the Single Membership is good for one applicant while the Family/Couple Membership includes two applicants and any children under 21 residing at the same address.

Decide which membership class is right for you and submit your application and initiation fee as described


    Single Membership:  $600**

    Couple/Family Membership:  $800**

    Initiation Fee (one time, non-refundable)

        $500 for new membership   OR        

        $300 if your boat is berthed at Safe Harbor Loch Lomond Marina                 

To apply for Membership, download the application (click on the link below). Please be sure to include your Sponsors on the application who must be regular members of LLYC. Return your Application along with your

one time, non-refundable Initiation Fee.


Questions? Please contact our Membership Director at 

Click to download the LLYC Membership Application

Once your membership has been approved by the Board of Directors, you will receive an invoice for your

pro-rated dues.

For those members who wish to pay their annual dues by Credit Card*, you may do so by clicking on one of the two links below, depending on your membership level. This will take you to our SQUARE Credit Card payment site.

*We encourage Members to pay their dues by CHECK, as the cost of credit card processing fees takes a bite out

of what could be going directly to the Club. 

To pay your dues by Check, please mail to: LLYC, Attn: Treasurer, 95 Loch Lomond Dr, San Rafael, CA 94901

To pay for your INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP by Credit Card, click HERE to pay via Square.

To pay for your FAMILY/COUPLE MEMBERSHIP by Credit Card, click HERE to pay via Square.

*The same guest is allowed four (4) visits per calendar year no matter who invites them.

**These are annual dues which are prorated from the month membership is approved.

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