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​​Family/Couples Membership –  $650


Looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a break from expensive dining out experiences? Bring the family down for one of our hosted events or grab something from Andy’s Market to enjoy on the deck or while watching the game. Kids win, you win. 

Single Membership –  $430


The ”Single" Membership is not just for singles!   This option is a great option for those folks who’s families may not have time in their busy schedule to participate in club functions but would still like to take advantage of the clubs activities. This is especially ideal for members who belong to multiple clubs! Our key club is impossible to beat!"

Initiation Fee

  • $250 for non boat owners                  

  • $150 for boat owners                        

  • $100 for boat berthed at Loch Lomond, or you are a current member of another yacht club

Click to download the LLYC Membership Application

To become a member, call the club office at 415/453-0171 or download the application. Please be sure to include your Sponsors on the application who must be a regular member of the club. You can also contact our Membership Director at

For existing members, pay your your 2023 Annual Dues below

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